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Graduation Ceremony October 13, 2015 at Chesapeake College 

Our History

In June, 2012, the “Mayor’s Challenge Citizens’ Committee” identified a need to provide GED (C) preparation programs in Rock Hall. Community members with advanced degrees in a variety of fields volunteered to become mentors. Partnerships were formed with Chesapeake College and the Kent County Public Schools. The GED program  exceeded all expectations with enrollments of approximately 20 participants per semester and test results  three to six times the expected growth due to the unique volunteer/mentor support provided. With increasing numbers of graduates, college Continuing Education classes in computers and Spanish were added. Recent expansions include tutoring for students grades 1 through 12 and ESL classes.


Our Story

Kent County Learning Center is a community initiative to provide a conveniently located and supportive Education Center to serve the educational, vocational, literacy, and enrichment needs of Kent County residents and to promote economic development by providing a highly-skilled and certified workforce. This program is unique in that the local community has volunteered to provide human resource and financial support to benefit neighbors and the entire county. The Kent County Learning Center currently has designated classrooms in the Rock Hall Elementary School.

The Learning Center provides the following services:

  • Ongoing Adult Basic Education and GED (C) preparation classes that include one-to-one tutoring, childcare, books, and transportation as needed.

  • Onsite offerings of Continuing Education Chesapeake College classes and online credit classes.

  • Financial aid, placement testing, and advisory services provided by Chesapeake College in Rock Hall at the beginning of each semester to facilitate enrollment in credit classes.

  • Adult enrichment classes as requested by the Kent County community.

  • Workplace literacy including visits to businesses to view work requirements. This service will be offered in partnership with the Workforce Investment Board and local businesses.

  • A personalized tutor/mentor program provided by community volunteers with advanced degrees and employment experience in a variety of fields.  Mentors will meet regularly with students to tutor, track progress, and work through impediments as they arise. This program will be available to all students regardless of the level of course taken.

  • A scholarship and financial support program to help students who need assistance in funding the GED (C) test or college course registration. 

  • Individual digital devices (GED (C) calculators, computers, tablets) that will allow all students to practice skills using the modality of the test.

  • ESL classes with tutors and workbook provided for each student.

The community continues to rally to provide a quality and supportive tutoring program. Mentor numbers continue to increase and we are proud to report that we have a 1:1 student to tutor ratio. KCLC has partnerships with Kent County Public Schools and Chesapeake College.

Although the County Commissioners provide some funding, the Kent County Learning Center is funded primarily through private donations and grants. Again, community caring and support for friends and neighbors is the underlying foundation for all programs.

Education is fundamental to successful lives, families, and countries. The entire community must work together to remove barriers that  prevent student participation in educational programs specifically the need for childcare, transportation, financial assistance, and academic support to  master concepts.  Personal tutors must be provided to ensure that students graduate from high school. GED, college classes, and internet access must be conveniently available.

Our Philosphy

48 Graduates to date!

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